Natalia Police Department
300 Third St.
P.O. Box 270
Natalia, Texas 78059

Phone Number: 830-665-5552 (non-emergency)
Fax Number: 830-663-3233
Emergency Phone Number: Call 911
Other Emergency Phone Number: 830-665-8000 (Medina County Dispatcher)

Chief of Police, Gilbert Rodriguez

chief of police:




Police Department Secretary:                    

Linda Rodriguez                                                                                    Email:

Code Compliance Police Officer:             

Margaret Fernandez                                                                              Email:

Police Officers:                                                 


Richard Cordova

Gerry Rogers (SRO)

Reserve Police Officers:

Officer L. Casals

Officer R. Cervantes

Officer M. Garcia

Officer F. Jonas

Officer D. Juarez

Officer O. Guerra