The City filed a grant application with Texas Department of Agriculture in 2017 to make necessary improvements to the City's Downtown District. Texas Department of Agriculture awarded the City the grant contract for a total project amount of $216,666.00 through the Texas Community Development Block Grant Program which will be used to enhance, beautify, and make the district pedestrian safe and handicap accessible by improving, replacing or installing 1) Sidewalks, 2) ADA Ramps, 3) Crosswalks and Signage, and 4) Decorative Street Lighting.

The construction phase of this project is finally here.  During the next few months, we ask residents, businesses and the general public to be patient and cautious of the construction surrounding the downtown area.  Construction will take place in the following areas:  North corners of SH-132/Miller Street sidewalks and ramps; South corners of SH-132/Pearson sidewalks and ramps; Sidewalk reconstruction along Pearson from SH-132 to 3rd, and along Miller from SH-132 to 3rd; additional lighting will be placed along the downtown corridor; and accessible crosswalks will be placed at SH-132/Miller.




  • Bulky Items must not be placed sooner than 7-days before pickup date. Once trucks have passed your area, they WILL NOT go back for any late placement pickups. Missed pickups caused by late placements or prohibited materials are the property owner’s responsibility, and failure to comply may become a violation.

  • Bulky Items must be placed on the ground, curbside, of garbage paying customer’s property. If you are not a current paying garbage customer of the City, you bulky items will not be picked up. No Alleys, No Vacant Lots, and Not placed near fire hydrants, water meters, fences.

  • Bulky Items that are ALLOWED and will be picked up:

             Old Furniture

             Bulky Waste

             Old Appliances (Must be drained and tagged by a licensed technician)

             Small Home Remodeling Debris (Limit to size no greater than 5x5x5)

             Large Stumps/Branches over 4” inches in diameter

  • Items that are NOT ALLOWED and WILL NOT be picked up:


             Hazardous Materials

             Contractor-Construction Materials (Owner’s Responsibility to Dispose of Properly)



             Computer Items

              Brush/Small Limbs

  • Brush/Small Limbs/Branches WILL NOT be picked up during Bulky Item Clean-Up. Brush, small limbs, and branches are pickup up every 2nd Thursday of every month. You must call City Hall at (830) 663-2926 to be placed on the monthly brush pickup list; only those on the list will be serviced.



The City of Natalia City Council authorized the City Administrator to submit, and commit funds, for the filing of an application to Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs  to engage in the Texas Home Investment Partnership RSP Agreement for the city’s participation in the HOME Program.

The City of Natalia and Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs has recently engaged in the Home Investment Partnership Program Reservation System Participation Agreement #2019-0003.  (HUD Entity Type: State Recipient, TDHCA Award Year: 2019)

With the City of Natalia participating in the HOME Program, this will allow for rehabilitation/reconstruction of several homes for eligible persons within the city limits of Natalia. 


  1. Are the owner and occupant of the home to be assisted;

  2. Your home is located within the city limits of Natalia;

  3. Have no restrictions or encumbrances or liens that would unuly restrict the good and marketable nature of the ownership interest;

  4. Are not delinquent on property taxes;

  5. Have a household annual income of less than the following:  1 PERSON $39,350 / 2 PERSON $44,950 / 3 PERSON $50,550 / 4 PERSON $56,150 / 5 PERSON $60,650 / 6 PERSON $65,150 / 7 PERSON $69,650 / 8 PERSON $74,150

If you fit the criteria, please apply.  Applications are available for the next 30-days to pickup at Natalia City Hall, 2078 State Hwy 132 N., Natalia, Texas 78059; or may downloaded from links below.

Applications will only be accepted when all required documentation is completed and submitted to Lisa Hernandez, City Administrator.  Applicants will be required to give permission for the verification of all information received.  All questions or concerns related to your application shall be referred to Karen Rego or Jessica Brickford, with Langford Community Management Services, at (512) 452-0432. 


The City Council approved for replacement of all residential water meters of the city.  The city had a water loss study performed last year, and evidence supports this project as top priority which is also included in the City’s working Master Plan.  Aging water meters play a major factor in water loss, along with pipe line breaks and leaks; as meters get older, they register slower and ultimately come to a stop when they’ve reached their lifespan. Aging meters cause consumers to believe their water usage has decreased, when in fact it hasn’t, the meter itself has slowed or stopped registering the actual usage accurately.  Ultimately, replacing all water meters is a solution for reducing the amount of water and revenue lost; the replacement may, or may not, affect you.

Beginning Monday, September 24, 2018 a City-wide Water Meter Replacement will be conducted throughout the city for all residential customers. 


  1. The water meter replacement program is outsourced with Hydro-Pro Solutions, through M&E Contractors, who will be working rapidly to ensure all residential meters are replaced and accurate data is collected in a timely manner. 

  2. You may experience a short interruption in water services while meters are being replaced.  

  3. Once meters are installed and services are re-established, you may also experience air in the lines, that cause pockets of water to erupt through your service line when water is turned on within your household; this may also cause a blurred, or white discoloration in your water that will eventually settle and return back to normal.

  4. Hydro-Pro Solutions estimates a week’s timeframe to complete this project; however, this is dependent on the weather.

  5. RESIDENTAL GARBAGE CUSTOMERS - Bulk curbside pickup also starts this week; we ask that you do not cover the water meters will bulky items, this will delay the process.

If you continue to experience these issues after your meter has been changed out, please contact the City Office at 830-663-2926 to report your problems.

This conversion will not affect the billing cycle, and will remain the same; example: September 15th - October 15th will be billed out on November 1st; payments still remain due by or before November 15th without penalty; final date to make timely payment is the 25th before 4:30pm; all customers with balances thereafter will have a $30.00 untimely payment fee added, and may be disconnected.